Friday, January 31, 2014

The Princesses and the Prince

There once was a princess named Sadie.  She was beautiful, graceful and kind.  

Maggie was the youngest sister and she was beautiful, graceful and kind, just like her sister Sadie.

Next there was Patch, he was the patch-iest prince of all, he was the patch-iest, patch-iest prince.

Then there was a bad guy called the big, bad wolf and he had a magic secret, the magic golden path and he had special trees who hid the path.

And then the prince and the princesses jumped up into the sky, high… 

And then they were on the golden path and they’d never ever seen anything like it.  It was gold, just gold.  And there were the princesses and the prince on the golden path.

But the big bad wolf did not see them because there were magical bushes and there was a magical song rainbow and they sang a song through the whole story that was about them. 

The End.

Sadie helping me take pictures of her artwork!