Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Maggie and the Tree

Once upon a time there were five princesses named Sadie, Maggie, Helena, Abigail and Eleanor.  Eleanor was the baby princess.  

One day the five princesses went to gather some berries, but suddenly Sadie looked at a tree and saw the Big Bad Wolf grab Eleanor.  And the princesses started to walk closer to him but then all of the sudden Sadie nodded at Maggie because she climbed up a tree.  

Then Maggie jumped down from the tree and started pounding the Big Bad Wolf with a pine cone!  

Then Sammy the Magical Horse chased the Big Bad Wolf away and he scooped up Maggie and he scooped up Eleanor.  Sammy scooped up the other princesses and then they flew off to the castle where they met their mothers, who were the queens, who said "girls what's going on" and they told their mothers all about what happened and their mothers made them a mixed berry pie.  

The End.