Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Princesses Have a Play Date

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Kathleen.

One day they met their friends Princess Kate and Princes Sofia and Princess Mary.  And then they played and played.  And then they looked at the beautiful castle.

They went on an adventure to the Gumdrop Forest.  On the way they went on a shortcut and it had the Deep Dark Woods so they had to find a path.  They saw a path under the plants of gold, so Sadie said "I wonder if it must be the Golden Path?"  So they carried each gold plant and they saw that it was just leaves and so they had to walk on the leaves that might lead them to a path.  So they followed the leaves until it led them to the Golden Path.

Now they walked on the Golden Path without the Big Bad Wolf seeing them.  When they got to the Gumdrop Forest they ate lots and lots of candy.  Sadie ate lollipops.  Maggie ate marshmellows.  And the other princesses ate their favorite candies.

Then they got a little tired so they said "let's get back to our canopy beds" so each of them went a different path.  But they forgot to follow the Golden Path because it would lead each of them to their homes.  Then they each went on the Golden Path and it took them back to their canopy beds and they went to sleep.

The Canopy Beds
The End.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Long Tunnel

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Princess Kathleen.

Princess Maggie, Princess Sadie and Princess Kathleen
One day they stayed in through the storm and they cut in a tunnel and they got to Nani and Grumpa's house.
The Princesses, wearing headlamps, going to dig the tunnel in overalls.
And the Mom and Dad came with Patch and after that they all went inside and Sadie who was the oldest played with the horses.

Grumpa and Nani's Castle
After that they picked some flowers.

Grumpa and Nani
Sadie said:  "Mommy, I'm not going to color Grumpa's hair.  I'll just leave it white."

Sadie and Nani
And after that they saw a deer.

A deer and a horse.
And after that they started to have lunch and after that they had a slumber party.  It was already nighttime for them.  Then they said "Good night!"

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Princesses Play

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Kathleen.

Maggie, Sadie and Kathleen

And Sadie was standing out by the castle while the other princesses were in her bedroom and after that she ran back home to the castle.

Sadie standing outside the castle.

The Castle
After that she ran into her room and played with all of them and they stood right next to her and then they had lunch and after they had lunch they decided to go on an adventure.

The Princesses Playing
They found the Golden Path and they played on it and they came back home to their castle and they ate dinner.  Then it was time for them to go to sleep in their canopy beds.  And they went to sleep and they said goodnight.

The End.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Sleeping Sadie and the Magical Tear

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Princess Kathleen.  One day Sadie climbed the steps and she wondered what would be at the top.  And she found an old woman knitting.  After that she talked to her and she said yes she would want to use it.  And after that she just pricked her finger and fell into a deep sleep.

And then her brother and her sister started to look for her.  And they searched and searched everywhere until they found her and they tried to wake her up.  They did everything they could think of.  And it woke up the queen from the queen's nap.  Maggie called for her mom but her mom didn't seem to hear her.

After that Patrick started crying and the second tear fell on her cheek and woke her up.  And the witch was never heard from, ever again.

And then she learned her knitting lessons.

The End

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Story Where You Can Probably Guess How Things End Up for the Big Bad Wolf

Once upon a time there were two little princesses named Sadie and Maggie and one prince named Patrick.
The Prince and the Princesses
They snuck out of the castle and after that they saw the Golden Path and they got on it and then they saw the Big Bad Wolf.  And there was a force field and they were inside the force field, because the force field was protecting them.

Inside the force field looking at the Big Bad Wolf.
But then Patrick jumped out of the force field and then he killed the Big Bad Wolf.

And then they enjoyed the path.  And then after that they went back home and were looking at clouds.

Sadie in front of her castle looking at the clouds.

The End.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Princess Story... With a Surprise Ending...

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Helena and two little princes named Patch and Thomas.

The Princesses

The Princes
One day Maggie lost the red, red ruby binkie.

"This is Maggie without her binkie.  That's just her face."
And then they snuck in the woods and they saw the Big Bad Wolf having the red ruby binkie and making dinner.

They waited and waited until they could hear him fall asleep.  After that they sneaked in and they said "this is our chance" and Patch grabbed the ruby, red, red ruby binkie and stuck a rock shaped like a binkie and they painted it like the red ruby binkie.

They got away.

And the Big Bad Wolf said "what, this is disgusting!" After that the woodsmen heard him and cut out his heart and they had it for dessert.

The End

I asked Sadie if she wanted to do a picture of the Big Bad Wolf but she said that no, he didn't get a picture because he was too bad.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Angels

Today Sadie retold a familiar story:

Once upon a time God created the angels.  God made many, many angels.  They said we will do everything you want, Lord God Almighty.

But what was Lucifer doing?  What was he saying?

There was Lucifer the bright and shining one.  He said I'm too bright and shiny to bow down before anyone. I'm just as good as God is.  So he said no.  And I will not serve, he said.

And that started a war and Saint Michael said "You think you're as good as God?  Well you're all wrong!  Who is like God?  No one!"

Michael and the good angels cast the bad angels out of heaven into hell . Everyone in heaven is happy with God in their home.  They've passed the test and can see God, the blessed Trinity.

The End.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Brave Princess (Sadie's Blood Test)

Today Sadie has a blood test at the hospital to test for Celiacs and allergies and of course she included the morning's excitement in today's story:

Once upon a time there was a graceful princess named Princess Sadie.  And she ruled in the beautiful ball gown with the royalty color of purple.  Sadie wore her dress and loved it a lot and one day she went to her doctor's appointment to get her blood test and she was doing just fine.

Princess Sadie had to wait.  First they put a little coldness on her, then the shot and then they put a piece of gauze on it and then they gave her a crayon band aid.  And her Daddy was so proud of her that he gave her a big hug.

After that we went and we got a little treat of chocolate.  And Daddy told me to eat it quick before we got home.  So I ate it pretty quick.  Then we went home and her brother and sister were so impressed by it.

And here is the picture that Sadie made today.  She asked me how to spell Sadie loves Maggie on the two pieces of paper and is now walking around holding them saying "I love Maggie!"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Patch

Grandpa had requested a story about the Trinity Alps.  Here is what Sadie said when I told her about his request.  You also get to see an example of how Sadie uses Patrick's nicknames as a verb... "to Patch" usually means something like being silly:

This is a silly story about the Trinity Alps.

There once was a Patch in the Trinity Alps. And Patch cried. Finally his family found him and took him back to Michigan.
Sadie, Patch and Maggie
And Patch was so hungry that he ate a thousand of tooties*. And then Patch started patching around and crying, it's because he always patches.  And then he ate some bananas patchies and then he ate some delicious cookies and after that he jumped on the trampoline that we used to have.

Then the Patch started looking at the pictures and finally it was lunch time for him and so the Patch ate his lunch and went back to sleep and he said "Good Night!"

The End

*Sadie's word for when Patch nurses.

"The Patch" in the Trinity Alps.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Princesses and The Great Escape

Sadie's been drawing pictures for tomorrows story, so I thought I'd share one of the many stories she's already had me write down.  This one is from June of last year and I copied it down word for word when she told it to me a few days before her fifth birthday:

Once upon a time there were 3 little girls named Sadie, Maggie and Helena.  One day they walked and suddenly it was Christmas.  They had 1005 presents.  The weather was like it was snowing.

So they opened their presents.  Sadie and Maggie got 2 Tiana dresses and Helena got a Sleeping Beauty dress.  Then Sadie and Maggie tried their Tiana dresses on and Helena tried her Sleeping Beauty dress on.

Then they walked in the snow in the deep dark woods on a Sunday.  The wolf came and said "Grrrr!  I'm going to make you come to my cave and live there forever!" And the little princesses were sad, but Sadie, the biggest princess said "Don't worry, we'll figure something out!  We'll figure this out!" 

And then he put them in a sack and lifted them on his shoulder and walked through town.  Then he came to his cave and he said "Princesses!  Work!"

They cut a hole in the sack and tiptoes past the big bad wolf who was sleeping.  And Maggie kicked a rock and made a sound.

The big bad wolf woke up and said "What's going on?" and Sadie said "run Prinncesses!" and so they ran! And they ran so fast!  

Then Daddy came and he said "run away big bad wolf and don't come back never ever again!"

And they came back to the castle and they saw Mommy and Nani waiting for them and then they lived happily ever after!

The End

Monday, February 3, 2014

"The Princess Blog"

Once upon a time there were three princesses named Princess Kate, Princess Sophia and Princess Mary.  And they all had ball gowns. One of their ball gowns was pink and one of them was blue and the other was purple.  And they had a great time together.

Princess Kate, Princess Sophia and Princess Mary
One day they went on an adventure and they snuck out of the castle...

The princesses sneaking over the garden wall.
... and into the deep dark woods without the bad guy from the golden path seeing them.

The princesses hurrying through the deep dark woods.
Then they went to the Misty Mountains and the dragon took them to the Silvery Sparkly Sea.

The dragon carrying the girls through the mountains to the Silvery Sparkly Sea.
They had a picnic at the Silvery Sparkly Sea.

Here are the princesses at the Silvery Sea.  Apparently the Silvery Sea is pink and gold, the sand is purple and the princesses are having their picnic under the hovering dragon.
And then they went to the Lemonade Lagoon where they drank all the lemonade and they got pretty full.

Drinking lemonade in their "bathing suits" at the Lemonade Lagoon.

Then they went to the Tomato River and they saw the giant tomatoes and each of them ate one.

The Princesses riding a giant tomato down the tomato river.
Then they went to the Candy Forest where they had lots of candy...

...and then they went back home and their Mommy forgave them for running away.

The End.

(Originally Sadie had the princesses getting sent to bed without dinner but after I showed her the story when I first posted it she asked me to change it to "just say that their Mommy forgave them.")