Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sinbad the Sailor as retold by Sadie (part one)

Sinbad was a sailor.  The reason why he was sailing was because he was taking his goods to sell, because he was a merchant.  They were looking for land and up in the nest a sailor said "Land Ahoy!"

The sailors went on the island and they were getting fruit and making fires and Sinbad was exploring the island.  All of the sudden a tail went up out of the water and they found out that it was a sleeping whale.  The whale woke up and people started to go back to the ship but some of the people drowned.
Sinbad was swimming for land.  Then he found some land and he climbed up a steep cliff.  He thought if I can get up to the other land than I could be safe.

So he went on to the island and he thought he was safe but he saw a big egg.  He was wondering what it was.  He did what he always does, he went to explore it.  When he was going over to it he saw a giant bird that was called Rookh, whose beak was as long as a mountain, whose claws were as wide as a cliff.

Sinbad saw it and he went back and hid and tied his turban to the Rookh's foot and he saw some diamonds and serpents and he was hiding on the cliff.

Then a serpent ate a sheep and spit the bones out.  He hid under one of the dead sheep and some people saved him.  He shared some of the diamonds with them and took the rest home.  He sailed on a ship and got back to his crew.

To be continued....