Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Princess Adventure

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Princess Kathleen.  One day they walked in the woods on their horses and they walked on the Golden Path.

They were hoping they could get out of the forest all by themselves and suddenly they saw the Big Bad Wolf.  And then they ran on their horses and they escaped.  And after they escaped they climbed over the Misty Mountains and they were the highest and then they jumped down to the Silvery Sea and after that they went drinking water.

And after that they saw a dragon and it flew them to the gum drop forest.  And then ate all the candy.  And then they went to the Tomato River and they floated on tomatoes and then after that they followed the Golden Path and they rode on their horses back home and they played and played in their room.  And then they had dessert for dinner.

The Castle

The End.