Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Princess Story... With a Surprise Ending...

Once upon a time there were three little princesses named Sadie, Maggie and Helena and two little princes named Patch and Thomas.

The Princesses

The Princes
One day Maggie lost the red, red ruby binkie.

"This is Maggie without her binkie.  That's just her face."
And then they snuck in the woods and they saw the Big Bad Wolf having the red ruby binkie and making dinner.

They waited and waited until they could hear him fall asleep.  After that they sneaked in and they said "this is our chance" and Patch grabbed the ruby, red, red ruby binkie and stuck a rock shaped like a binkie and they painted it like the red ruby binkie.

They got away.

And the Big Bad Wolf said "what, this is disgusting!" After that the woodsmen heard him and cut out his heart and they had it for dessert.

The End

I asked Sadie if she wanted to do a picture of the Big Bad Wolf but she said that no, he didn't get a picture because he was too bad.


  1. Sadie, you have an amazing imagination! I love your story and your pictures. I bet Maggie loves a binky story. I love you baby. Nani

  2. What a fun story. Great job!

  3. My 6 year old wants to know which princess is which and where is the red ruby binkie in the picture? She had me read that last line twice and then said, "Ew"

  4. Sadie's in purple and Maggie's in pink and Helena is the littlest one in the picture. And the binkie is supposed to be in Maggie's mouth in the first picture, but my computer isn't taking very good pictures, because I just looked and I can't see it!

    And I think "ew" too every time I think of Wolf's heart for dessert!