Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Patch

Grandpa had requested a story about the Trinity Alps.  Here is what Sadie said when I told her about his request.  You also get to see an example of how Sadie uses Patrick's nicknames as a verb... "to Patch" usually means something like being silly:

This is a silly story about the Trinity Alps.

There once was a Patch in the Trinity Alps. And Patch cried. Finally his family found him and took him back to Michigan.
Sadie, Patch and Maggie
And Patch was so hungry that he ate a thousand of tooties*. And then Patch started patching around and crying, it's because he always patches.  And then he ate some bananas patchies and then he ate some delicious cookies and after that he jumped on the trampoline that we used to have.

Then the Patch started looking at the pictures and finally it was lunch time for him and so the Patch ate his lunch and went back to sleep and he said "Good Night!"

The End

*Sadie's word for when Patch nurses.

"The Patch" in the Trinity Alps.


  1. Princess Sadie of the Trinity Alps, I love your picture of the Alps! Right now the Trinity Alps need some of Michigan's snow. I wish you could send us one of your storms. Keep up the good work. I love your stories. Love you, Nani

  2. Sadie, when I was looking at the picture of Patch in the pool on our porch I remembered what happened one day last summer. On a nice warm day when somebody was "patchin" around on the porch. The pool got a hole in it and the water leaked out. So guess what I did?? I fixed it by putting a patch on it. Now wasn't that a "Hum Dinger"???
    Love you, Grumpa

  3. Nani, we would like to send you some snow cream. We love you! We're going to give you some snow cream! Did you hear me say that?

    Grumpa, Did you put my brother on it? Because it sounded like a Patch! Love, "Patch" (not Patch) and then "You should say Love Sadie!"

  4. The way I finally fixed the hole was to put a patch on the hole to stop the leak. Then I went over to the GIANT pine tree that has pitch on it by the windmill. Igot some pine pitch to hold the patch on the pool. So now you can say "Grumpa put some pine pitch on the patch to fix the hole in the pool that the other Patch made." you have to say it very quickly. Or try this one. One pink porpoise popped up the pole the other pink porpoise popped down. (say it really, really fast.) Love you Grumpa

  5. Yes I can hear you, Sadie. I would love to have some of your snow cream. Thank you! But I hope the snow is all gone when I come to visit you next month so we can go to the zoo. I love you, Nani