Monday, February 3, 2014

"The Princess Blog"

Once upon a time there were three princesses named Princess Kate, Princess Sophia and Princess Mary.  And they all had ball gowns. One of their ball gowns was pink and one of them was blue and the other was purple.  And they had a great time together.

Princess Kate, Princess Sophia and Princess Mary
One day they went on an adventure and they snuck out of the castle...

The princesses sneaking over the garden wall.
... and into the deep dark woods without the bad guy from the golden path seeing them.

The princesses hurrying through the deep dark woods.
Then they went to the Misty Mountains and the dragon took them to the Silvery Sparkly Sea.

The dragon carrying the girls through the mountains to the Silvery Sparkly Sea.
They had a picnic at the Silvery Sparkly Sea.

Here are the princesses at the Silvery Sea.  Apparently the Silvery Sea is pink and gold, the sand is purple and the princesses are having their picnic under the hovering dragon.
And then they went to the Lemonade Lagoon where they drank all the lemonade and they got pretty full.

Drinking lemonade in their "bathing suits" at the Lemonade Lagoon.

Then they went to the Tomato River and they saw the giant tomatoes and each of them ate one.

The Princesses riding a giant tomato down the tomato river.
Then they went to the Candy Forest where they had lots of candy...

...and then they went back home and their Mommy forgave them for running away.

The End.

(Originally Sadie had the princesses getting sent to bed without dinner but after I showed her the story when I first posted it she asked me to change it to "just say that their Mommy forgave them.")


  1. Sadie, I love your new story! The princesses went on a great adventure just like the adventures that you and Maggie and Patrick go on. The candy forest looks yummy. I love the giant tomato and the silvery sea. Thank you for writing another exciting story. I miss you and love you, Nani

  2. Sadie, I love this story and your pictures are lovely too! I think you are a great writer and artist. Keep up the good work!

  3. Those princesses must have been very tired after such an exciting adventure! I'm glad they found their way back home. And I think I like the second ending better, so that Mommy forgave them instead of them having to go to bed without dinner. But after they ate all that candy, and drank all that lemonade, and then ate the delicious tomatoes they probably were too full to eat dinner anyway!
    What a great story, and the princess drawings are beautiful!
    God Bless You. ~ Bonnie

  4. I think I would like the Lemonade Lagoon the best - it sounds delicious! I'm so glad that you know about the wonderful gift of forgiveness, it really does make all our stories come out so much better!

  5. The Silvery Sea sounds like so much fun! Keep sharing your fun stories Sadie.