Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Brave Princess (Sadie's Blood Test)

Today Sadie has a blood test at the hospital to test for Celiacs and allergies and of course she included the morning's excitement in today's story:

Once upon a time there was a graceful princess named Princess Sadie.  And she ruled in the beautiful ball gown with the royalty color of purple.  Sadie wore her dress and loved it a lot and one day she went to her doctor's appointment to get her blood test and she was doing just fine.

Princess Sadie had to wait.  First they put a little coldness on her, then the shot and then they put a piece of gauze on it and then they gave her a crayon band aid.  And her Daddy was so proud of her that he gave her a big hug.

After that we went and we got a little treat of chocolate.  And Daddy told me to eat it quick before we got home.  So I ate it pretty quick.  Then we went home and her brother and sister were so impressed by it.

And here is the picture that Sadie made today.  She asked me how to spell Sadie loves Maggie on the two pieces of paper and is now walking around holding them saying "I love Maggie!"


  1. Good job, Sadie! I'm so proud of you. You are very brave. I love you. Nani

  2. What a brave princess! I bet her brother and sister are really proud of her, too. :)